Develop Your People

Your best laid plans for retention, client growth, new business or anything else will be undone if your people are not on board, or do not have the skills required to deliver. 

The facts speak for themselves: Engaged workers are 43% more productive, 76% better at meeting customer needs, and 78% better at solving problems [1]. 

All this means your efforts to develop and engage people can never stand still. There is always scope for more commitment and motivation, and a growing business inevitably needs new skills to keep it moving forward. 

If you are struggling to develop your people, you are not alone. It is one of the most common complaints amongst managers and employees alike – and in a busy insurance broking environment it can be hard to find the time required, especially if you don’t have a human resources specialist on board. 

But here’s the good news. Being a Bluefin Network Partner Broker gives you access to the tools and support you need to ensure people development gets the attention it deserves – after all, getting more from your people is absolutely critical to your success. 

[1] Source: Gallup & CIPD/Stuart Baldwin Live BIG

Helping insurance brokers to build winning teams

We can help you build a winning team by putting in place a people development process that is effective and affordable: 

  • Assess need and track progress, in one place. You’ll get access to BrokerASSESS, to make it easy to keep on top of people development plans. 
  • All the training you need, your way. Skills training can be tailored to your needs and delivered in person or via webinar. 
  • Equip your people to sell. Access training programmes and product specific webinars from our partner insurers. 
  • Develop leaders. Identify the right people to help spearhead your growth plans and help them deliver by enrolling them in a leadership programme. 
  • Manage employment risks. Get easy access to a wide range of support – including a compliance library, support meetings, and health-check visits. 
  • Learn from your peers. Attend people development sessions and roundtable events. 

Developing winning teams: Bluefin Network in action

"We have been working with the Bluefin Network HR team over the past few months as part of our acquisition process. That support has been fantastic, enabling us to concentrate on other important aspects of the business knowing that they are putting in place the essential HR infrastructure we need."

Phil Cowell, Managing Director, IFM Select

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Bluefin Network Partner Brokers get help to analyse, understand, and segment their client bases ‒ because that insight is the absolute bedrock of real, transformative growth – it doesn’t just inform retention, but cross-sell targeting and new business too.