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Focus on growth

No matter what your business objectives are, growing your business will be high on your agenda. We can help you increase income and grow.

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Winning new clients is a challenge and requires a combination of time, product, price and, of course, ability. At Bluefin Network we know that successful growth is built on firm foundations with a clear strategy and targeted activity.

We will work with you to review and optimise your current plans, placement and processes. The breadth, quality and exclusivity of our placement solutions will help you retain existing clients, and the additional revenues generated through enhanced commissions will help fund your future growth investment. In addition to placement solutions and new business strategy, the operational aspects of your business - IT, compliance, client money, staff training & competency etc - are equally important for growth. We can support you in each of these areas and enable you to be confident that your foundations are strong.

We will help you formulate a growth plan, target specific sectors and align the right products and providers to the cause. Our range of schemes and in-house underwriting ability will give you a considerable competitive edge and our sales training can help to sharpen the skills of your Account Executives and get them focused on new business.


Acquisition activity is on the rise again with competitive and regulatory pressure causing many to consider an exit. However, this is creating growth opportunities for those that remain. Obtaining funding, a lack of acquisition knowledge and finding the right target often deters smaller firms from considering such opportunities, but we have helped a number of existing Partner Brokers make successful acquisitions over the years. We can support you through the whole process and will consider providing funding where viable.

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